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This week in sports…February 27-March 3

 Cycling league-we’re working on getting a coach and MAY have a team so if interested, sign up on the athletics board by this Wednesday.  Check out the poster on the athletics board for more information.

Rugby and badminton sign-up by this Friday.  Sign-up sheets on the athletics board.

 27 Monday:

Badminton– drop-in at lunch for any grade eight students interested in playing.

Volleyball game – 7/8 boys 3:45 at Spencer.

28 Tuesday:

Volleyball game – 6/7 girls 3:45 at Royal Oak.  Dismiss 2:45 and arrange own rides.

Volleyball practice – 7/8 girls 3:30-5:30

1 Wednesday:

          Badminton–any students interested in playing, meet at lunch in the gym.

Volleyball game – 7/8 girls 3:45 at Spencer.

2 Thursday:

Volleyball practice – 6/7 girls 3:30-5:00

3  Friday:

          Volleyball practice – 7/8 girls 2:00-4:00

Rugby clinic at lunch in the gym

6 Monday:

Badminton– practice at lunch for students interested in playing.


 2016 2017 7 8 Girls Comp Volleyball Schedule

2016 2017 7 8 Boys Rec Volleyball Schedule

2016 2017 6 7 Girls Comp Volleyball Schedule


Mondays – Popcorn Monday  $2 per bag at lunch

Wednesdays – Pizza Day  $3 per slice or $5 for two

Fridays – Fritter Friday – $2 each and all proceeds go to Spencer Wildcats Athletics


Hello Staff and Parents/Guardians,

With the slightly warmer temperatures it seems “Spring Fever” has hit.  Please remind your children to continue to work hard, engage in socially appropriate ways in class and in the common areas, and to hand in all their assignments.  Term 2 report cards will be sent home in less than one month, so please check-in with your child regularly to ensure they are caught-up with all their assignments.

As Mr. Honer is away on a special assignment, I have put together this week’s ‘Principal’s Message’.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to connect myself or Mr. Smyth.  Reminder, this Friday is a tri-district Professional Development Day.  The students have the day off, but the educators will be engaged in professional learning.  Thanks and have a great week!

Jen Nixon, Vice-Principal

Recycling, Garbage and Personal and Social Responsibility

The focus of the Neighbourhood Assemblies this week is to highlight what we are proud of at Spencer –there are many people, experiences and things that make this school a great place for learning!  One area where we are not doing great is in terms of our recycling and sorting of garbage, paper, returnables, and organics.  We are currently bringing into play a new system that will better help students to sort their returnables, find appropriate receptacles for paper, organics, and garbage. Students need to demonstrate their sense of personal and social responsibility by contributing to our school and keeping our environment clean.  Please have a conversation with your child about this.  We will be purchasing items to create inexpensive, yet effective, ‘sorting stations’.  Shout-out to Mr. Biro for getting this started.  In the future, we may need 3-4 parent volunteers to help out once a week with the sorting and counting of our returnables, so if you wish to help out in this capacity on a weekly basis  (likely Thursday mornings from 9:00-9:20) then please connect with myself, Jen Nixon at jnixon@sd62.bc.ca. You will need to complete a Criminal Record Check, but this is free and now made easy with an online service http://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/ (access code: GM9WF6K4EF).

Percussion/Band Bottle Drive and ‘We Can Beat It’ Performance

This year there will be two evening shows and one matinee for the ‘We Can Beat It’ Performances on February 24th and 25th.  Last year, I had the pleasure of attending with my children and some neighbourhood friends.  If you haven’t see this performance, I highly recommend you attend – not only does the ‘We Can Beat It’ group put on a stellar performance, the proceeds all go towards combating childhood leukemia.  Tickets are on sale now in the office.

Our Co-Op Account – Please use #47416 next time you shop at the Co-op or fill up on gas.  All the money raised through your purchases supports the initiatives going on at Spencer.


The Spencer/Belmont travelers to Australia/Fiji at Spring Break are collecting SMARTPHONES and POLAROID SUNGLASSES to distribute among the aboriginal peoples of Australia and Fiji. Please unlock phones and set to factory settings. It would be appreciated that they come with chargers. Donations can be dropped off at Spencer’s front office. Thank you!

Remembrance Day Contest Winners – South Vancouver Island Zone

I am proud to announce that the following Spencer students made it to the next level for the Legion’s Remembrance Day Contest.  Here are the South Vancouver Island Zone winners:

ZiJun S.              2nd Place Junior Essay

Bria B.                2nd Place Intermediate Essay

Katherine L.      2nd Place Junior Poem

Emily H.            3rd Place Intermediate Essay

Thalia A.          3rd Place Intermediate B/W Poster

Closed Campus Policy

A reminder to all that Spencer, as all middle schools in the district, is a CLOSED Campus. Please do not excuse your children for lunch at Tim Hortons without a phone call to Mr. Honer, Ms. Nixon or Mr. Smyth prior to the lunch bell. Having a closed campus is a district rule, not a school rule, and is for the safety of your children.

Academy News

Registration:  February 1st at 6 a.m Academy registrations open up for all SD62 programs.

Any questions can be directed to:

Wayne Kelly

Vice Principal of Sports Academy Programs & Canadian Sport School SD62

W-250-391-9002 ext. 222 or C-250480-9976


Our student trip to Australia would like to ask for donations of old smartphones and/or polaroid sunglasses that can be donated to people in the Australian communities that cannot afford these items.  Please drop off any donations to the school office.

Grade 8 Parents

Transition activities for the grade eights is full swing.  The tour to Belmont happened last Monday; since it was very snowy several grade eights were away and missed it, so I will organize another tour at the end of February or early March for those students who didn’t get to attend.  Here is the schedule of upcoming events:

Monday, Feb 20

9:00-9:20 am


Belmont counsellors visit classes to collect course selection forms (Visit #2)

Div 8-1, Div 8-2, Div 8-3

Tuesday, Feb 28 (note date change)

9:00-9:20 am

9:25-9:45 am

Belmont counsellors visit classes to collect course selection forms (Visit #2)

Div 8-4, Div 8-5 (9:00-9:20)

Div 8-6, Div 8-7 (9:25-9:45)

Here are some other dates for you to consider:

Feb 20-24           Neighbourhood Meetings

Feb 23                 Dance Last Period.  2pm – 3:10pm.

Feb 23                 WE Can Beat It performance in the Theatre during school hours

Feb 24                 Non-Instructional Day (school not in session)

Feb 24                 We Can Beat It 7pm in Theatre

Feb 25                 We Can Beat It at 2pm and 7pm in Theatre

March 4              Bottle Drive 8:30am-noon at Spencer Parking Lot

March 16            Report Cards go home

March 17             Last day of school before Spring Break

April 3                 School re-opens after spring break

April 12               3 hour early dismissal: Parent-teacher interviews

April 13               Non-Instructional Day (school not in session)

April 14               Good Friday

April 17               Easter Monday

April 20              PAC meeting, 6:30 in the Library

May 25-28         Spencer Band/Percussion Trip to Vancouver



Band 7/8 and Band 6 – Monday and Wednesday class 3:15pm-4:15pm

Percussion 6/7 – Tuesday/Thursday class 3:15-4:15pm.

Choir 6,7,8 on Tuesdays at lunch – 12:25-1:00pm. Everyone is welcome.



If your child is currently attending one of our feeder schools ie: David Cameron, John Stubbs(FI), Lakewood, Millstream, Ruth King, Savory or Willway, you do NOT need to register for Gr 6 on-line.  Your child will automatically be transferred to Spencer unless you let us and your current school know other wise.

To Register your child for Spencer Middle please go to:  http://www.sd62.bc.ca/parents/registration/

Parents can request a school change on-line on this direct link: http://changereq.sd62.bc.ca

***School Supply Lists for 2016-2017 can be found at the top of this page under ‘Links’ then ‘Students.***

Notice for September 2017/18 SD#62 School Year Registration please see attached


Dear Parents/Guardians,

This was meant to be up and running earlier this school year but we are still working on it.  Please note school fees can not be done on-line until further notice.

We are very excited to announce that SD62 is now offering School Cash Online to all parents to pay school fees and district fees. We want to save you time when paying for school fees and this is a great way to pay without the need for cash or cheques.

To sign up to use School Cash Online, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the Instructions (parents who have already created an account during online bus registration can skip to “Step 6”)
  2. Fill out the Consent Form (https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com/)

You must fill out a separate consent form for each child

Already signed up for an account during online bus registration? 

Great! Please skip to “Step 6” of the Instructions linked above.

Why do you need to fill out a consent form?

The system is designed to extract some of your student’s personal information contained in MyEdBC (Ministry school database), with School Cash Online.  This information will be shared through a secured FTP (file transfer protocol) site (similar to online banking) and will only be used for the purpose of student fees and online payments.

The information that will be extracted from MyEdBC is as follows and is contained on a Canadian site:


  • Student School Name
  • Student School Number
  • Student Legal First Name
  • Student Legal Last Name
  • Student PEN Number
  • Student Classroom/Homeroom
  • Student Grade
  • Student Parent/Guardian #1 First Name
  • Student Parent/Guardian #1 Last Name
  • Student Date of Birth


  • Student School Number
  • Course Codes
  • Course Name
  • Course Code Section
  • Course Semester
  • Semester Start Date
  • Semester End Date
  • Course School Year
  • Course Teacher ID Number
  •  Student Number

In order to have your child/ren included in the first extract upload we require your consent to be completed by Friday, November 4th at 4 p.m.

We hope to have the first information transfer complete by mid November. Once your child’s information is transferred, you will be able to sign into your school cash online account, choose your child and attach him or her to your account to pay their fees.

After November 4:

You will still be able to submit your consent after November 4, 2016.  This will simply mean that your child’s information will not be included in the first transfer but will be included in subsequent extracts.

We will send you more information closer to mid November regarding the second phase of the online program.

For inquiries about account setup and using the system, please visit the “School Fees” page of the District website or  email schoolcashschool@sd62.bc.ca

For general information about fees, please contact your child’s school.

Thank you,

School District 62


SD62 bus registration closure, refunds and passes

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the following email about the SD62 school bus carefully as it regards:

  • Registration closure
  • Refunds
  • Passes

Registration Closure

Registration for this 2016/2017 school year closes on Monday, October 17 at 9 p.m.

Due to a very high volume of riders, our buses are at or are nearing their capacities. All registration must be completed online. Please don’t wait until the very last minute to register! All registrations will be placed on a wait list. Link to online registration.

Those who registered outside of the registration window last spring are wait listed and may be asked to move to a different bus if the bus they currently ride is full. Riders not registered will not be allowed on the bus.


Our goal is to have all refunds completed by October 31.

Our Finance Department has processed more than 1000 refunds, but they still have nearly 1000 more to complete. The system was not designed to handle so many refunds at once, so there are daily limits to what we can put through for refunds. As a result, you may receive more than one refund. Please continue to check your credit card and bank statements for refund notification. Our goal is to have all refunds completed by October 31. You will receive your refund via the same method you paid, so by credit card or e-cheque.

Bus Passes – Middle and Secondary students only

Students must present their passes each time they load a bus. 

Permanent bus passes will be issued to registered riders over the next few weeks. Until then, please continue to use the temporary bus passes assigned. Drivers will be diligent in checking for these.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. It has been a learning experience for us all!

For questions or more information, please email bussing@sd62.bc.ca


Sooke School District

Find all the details about the new changes as well as current bus routes and more on the District’s Transportation page.

(link http://www.sd62.bc.ca/about/transportation/)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@sd62.bc.ca or bussing@sd62.bc.ca

**Langford by-law enforcement has asked us to remind parents picking up their children after school, to please park in designated spaces in front of the school, along Carlow or on other nearby side streets. Please also observe signage in our parking lot – the double lanes in our parking lot closest to the street are for very quick drop off/pick-ups and drive-throughs (one for each purpose). The lane closest to the school is for busses only.