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Meet the Teacher Evening:   Thursday September 22nd

Please join us on the 22nd at 7pm for our Meet the Teacher evening.  Our evening will begin in the gymnasium.

Hope to see you there.


If students are accepting an agenda for use, we ask parents to pay for the use, as it is a consumable item.

If a student loses their lock (one provided by the school) a replacement will cost $5.00

The student activity fee is optional. We use this fee to pay for things like the school BBq’s, dances, food for the Terry Fox run and guest speakers.

The yearbook is an option for those students who wish to purchase one.

If a student is renting a school instrument for band, the fee is $150.00  Long and McQuade will be making a visit to the school to provide another option for those students who wish to rent an instrument.

Wood shop, cooking and sewing fees allow students to take their projects home ( even if in the case of foods it’s in their tummies!).

I hope this helps to sort out the fee issue! If not, please contact the office at 250-474-1291.


As we have grown by over 100 students in the last two years, our traffic problems have  increased. If you are picking up your child after school, please consider an alternative pick-up site close to the school. Little Elf nursery is experiencing difficulty with people parking in their spots on the road to pick-up kids.

If you are picking up kids at the school, please pull through when you can. We know it’s tough. Bus drivers are experiencing frustration in keeping to their route times as they are having a tough time getting into the parking lot. If we all work together we can make things smoother for everyone.

Some dates for your consideration:

Oct. 4                    Management Meeting 3:30 RM 202

Oct 7                      Grade 6 Immunization

Oct 10                   Thanksgiving. School not in session.

Oct 11                   Staff Meeting

Oct 20                   Photo-retake day

Oct 21                   Pro-D day: school not in session

Oct 31                   Halloween dance last period of the day in the gym


If your child is currently attending one of our feeder schools ie: David Cameron, John Stubbs(FI), Lakewood, Millstream, Ruth King, Savory or Willway, you do NOT need to register for Gr 6 on-line.  Your child will automatically be transferred to Spencer unless you let us and your current school know other wise.

To Register your child for Spencer Middle please go to:  http://www.sd62.bc.ca/parents/registration/

Parents can request a school change on-line on this direct link: http://changereq.sd62.bc.ca

***School Supply Lists for 2016-2017 can be found at the top of this page under ‘Links’ then ‘Students”.***


SPENCER ATHLETICS (Ms. Pelletier and Ms. Bilous, Athletic Directors)

This week in sports… October 3-7

  • Mon, Oct 3 Cross Country – Practice run 3:15 daily – join when you can
    • Soccer – Practice for all 3:30-5pm
    • Last day for Basketball sign up is today!
  • Tue, Oct 4 Cross Country -Practice run 3:15 daily – join when you can
  • Wed, Oct 5 Cross Country -Practice run 3:15 daily – join when you can
    • Soccer – 7/8 Girls game at Glanford at 3:45. Dismissal 2:45pm, arrange your own ride.
    • Basketball – Practice for ALL BOYS 3:30-5pm. If you plan on playing but can’t make it you must let Mrs. Pelletier or Ms. Bilous know or you won’t make the team!
  • Thurs, Oct 6 Cross Country -Practice run 3:15 daily – join when you can
    • Basketball – Practice for ALL GIRLS 3:30-5pm. If you plan on playing but can’t make it you must let Mrs. Pelletier or Ms. Bilous know or you won’t make the team!

Please note the following:

  • There are no tryouts or cuts at the middle school level, so students are encouraged to play on at least one team this year.
  • Only one permission form is needed for the year to play all sports.  Athletes can pick up a Player’s Package at the office.
  • Coaches are needed!  If you’re available to volunteer can contact the Athletic Directors at lbilous@sd62.bc.ca or kpelletier@sd62.bc.ca
    • Note that community coaches require an application and a criminal record check (free via the school).

**teams are subject to coach and player availability**


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the the contents of this post carefully as it details both new registrations as well as refund information for those who have already registered and paid.

With the announcement that bus fees for all SD62 school bus riders will be eliminated this school year, we have had an increase in registrations and riders.

If you would like to register your child for the school bus, all registration is online. Please visit the Transportation page of our website for instructions on how to complete your online registration.

Register now


With more than 2700 riders, some of our buses are reaching their capacity. If your child is not registered to ride the school bus, he or she may not be let on the bus. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Drivers will be checking their lists and for temporary bus passes.

Additional buses and routes will not be added.

*Only students in middle and secondary school have temporary passes. Students in elementary school will be placed on a rider list for the driver to check off.

Once you have registered:

All new registrants will be placed on a wait list. Since we need to work through the wait list, there may be a waiting period of up to a week. Your school will notify you once your child has a seat on the bus.


An automated email was sent out last night regarding October 1 payments. We apologize for the confusion. Our team is currently at work processing more than 2700 refunds and we are doing our best to get them done by October 1. Unfortunately, the system wasn’t designed to do a blanket stop payment across the board so we are having to process the refunds in smaller batches.

Thank you for your attention.  Your patience is very much appreciated.


Sooke School District


To register please go to: Bus Registraion

Find all the details about the new changes as well as current bus routes and more on the District’s Transportation page.

(link http://www.sd62.bc.ca/about/transportation/)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@sd62.bc.ca or bussing@sd62.bc.ca

**Langford by-law enforcement has asked us to remind parents picking up their children after school, to please park in designated spaces in front of the school, along Carlow or on other nearby side streets. Please also observe signage in our parking lot – the double lanes in our parking lot closest to the street are for very quick drop off/pick-ups and drive-throughs (one for each purpose). The lane closest to the school is for busses only.


Wednesdays – Pizza Day  $3 per slice or $5 for two

Fridays – Fritter Friday – $2 each and all proceeds go to Spencer Wildcats Athletics


Starting the week of September 12, 2016

  • Band 7/8 and Band 6 – Monday and Wednesday class 3:15pm-4:15pm
  • Percussion 6/7 – Tuesday/Thursday class 3:15-4:15pm.
  • Choir 6,7,8 on Fridays at lunch – 12:25-1:00pm